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Let your footsteps lead you back to Zeta where new beginnings are memorable treasures!


This year’s theme “Let your footsteps lead you back to Zeta” is the official call to action for our inactive members. As active members, we want our inactive members to return home, no matter how long they have been inactive. We want them to know that their sisters are waiting for them, and will welcome them back into the fold with open arms and giving hearts. So as I have always said, Let’s make it COUNT and bring our Sorors back home “One Zeta at a time”.

In 2016 (1,067) of our inactive members returned home to Zeta. We surpassed 2015, in which we brought back 960 reclaimed sorors.  We understand that “Membership is Key”, and we need to encourage and promote bringing our sorors back home. The true key to growth is in our reclamation and retention efforts. We must retain our active members and bring back those who are sitting on the sidelines.


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